CDC Growth Chart Comparison

2014—Staying on track to be 6'3" tall. And now he's tall enough for most if not all amusement park rides.

2013—He's still on track to be 6'3" or 6"4". He is unlikely to be short. But as Mark pointed out, he's still half an inch too short to go on all the rides at Disneyland…

His doctor mentioned that Jaryth is right on track to be 6'4" tall! So I present this growth chart for your perusal, the red dots are where he hits the last three years and the dotted line is very roughly where he’s projected if he keeps following the chart:

Jaryth's Growth Chart

Yes, that is 75 inches tall or 6'3" to 6'4"! I won’t ever have to reach for something in a tall cabinet again!